Isn't it stupid how you have to have a blogger account to post on some blogs?


Anyway, I'm never going to use blogger -- when I finally get around to setting up a personal site of some sort, it will go up at http://www.farfromnormal.org/. And it probably won't be a blog, because I much prefer commenting on other folks' posts to writing my own.



At 4:35 AM , Blogger amanda said...

who are you?!

At 2:36 PM , Blogger Life on Wry said...

I am the thief who steals one sock out of every fourth load of laundry.

I am the clueless chap who thought a "royal mandate" was what happened when the princes went out to dinner together.

I am the supervising gremlin in charge of computer malfunctions for the North American region.

I am the devious mastermind who decided that "i before e, except after c" shouldn't apply to "science".


Ok, maybe not. But life would be more interesting if I was!


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